Destiny Sparrow Racing And Striker Scoring To Become Permanent After The Dawning Event

Bungie recently revealed The Dawning event for the game that will take place from December 13 to January 3. However, when the events end players can look forward to keep exploring some events like the Destiny sparrow racing and more.

Rise Of The Iron is the last expansion pack for Destiny to be released and Bungie is bringing new events to the game to keep the players engaged. In the Dawning event, players can compete through several themed events and game modes.

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However, some game modes from the event will become permanent when this event ends. Starting from January 3, 2017 the option for the Sparrow Racing will be available in the private matches options.

Those players who own the Rise OF Iron expansion will have access to four courses in private matches. Those who only own the Taken King expansion will only have access to just two courses in Destiny Sparrow racing.

Furthermore, the newly announced Strike Scoring mode will also become permanent after The Dawning event concludes. This new game mode focuses on players building up high scores as they fight their way through.

Activision has already confirmed that Destiny 2 is in development and will launch in 2017. During the company’s financial briefing, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said that Destiny 2 is on track for release in fall 2017 and further added that the developers are looking to appeal not only the existing fans but to widen its audience.

He further said that the developers could not keep up with the demand of content for the first game, but together they have come up with a new approach to keep a steady stream of content going.

Destiny is a first person always-online shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: GameInformer