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Dead Rising 4 Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test, Xbox One S

Dead Rising 4 is a cool looking new game that you can play one the Xbox One as well as the Xbox One S. You basically need to survive zombie attacks. There will be times when there are rooms filled with zombies and you will need to make your way across.

Here is the Dead Rising 4 Xbox One gameplay frame-rate test.

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The test shows that the game runs decently on Xbox One and you will be getting a constant 30 FPS most of the time but there are times when the game suffers and FPS count dips a few frames here and there.

As compared to the Xbox One S, it is surprising that the dips are fewer while running the game on the Xbox One.

Although I am sure that you will not notice the minor drop in frames most of the time but those with trained eyes may feel annoyed at times. If you are a console gamer then you will be just fine.

PC gamers, on the other hand, will most likely feel the difference the most. Check out the Dead Rising 4 Xbox One gameplay frame-rate test to see where those FPS dips are.

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