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Dead Rising 4 Review Roundup- Well Crafted Story With Thousands Of Zombies To Kill

Just one day remains before Dead Rising 4 is launched and the reviews for the game are starting to pour in.

Dead Rising is a well-known franchise from Capcom and there is quite a fan following for the game. From what we have already seen Capcom has taken the best things in the previous games and brought them all together in Dead Rising 4.

So to put things into perspective we are doing Dead Rising 4 Review Roundup so that you can know what critics think of the game or did they like it or not?

Dead Rising 4 Review Roundup

GameSpot – 7/10

Dead Rising’s zombie-slaughtering formula has started to wear a bit thin after all these years, especially since its combat remains largely routine. The surprisingly well-crafted story, wild new combo weapons, and expansive open world elements, however, turn Dead Rising 4 into an over-the-top piece of popcorn entertainment that captures the series’ best elements

GamesRadar – 4/5

It feels like for every upside Dead Rising 4 has going for it, there’s a bit of a downer. The story is much tighter and more focused, at the expense of the colorful psychopaths of previous games. The timer has been removed, making exploration more enjoyable, but that kills any sense of tension. Frank is back, but he feels a bit more focus-tested and generic. However, Dead Rising 4 succeeds more than it fails–and when it succeeds, it does so in ways that feel significant.

GameInformer – 8.75/10

Dead Rising has straddled the line between horror and humor since its inception, and that hasn’t changed with the fourth entry–but it’s not shambling in the footsteps of what’s come before. Even though we’re back in Willamette with Frank West, Capcom Vancouver has infused the series with fresh ideas and some of the best action that it’s had in a decade.

IGN – 8.1/10

Dead Rising 4 has the best core gameplay the series has ever seen. Its inventive and humorous ways to put down the dead are something I still haven’t tired of, and its surprisingly interesting plot is more than just a zombie-killing delivery system. Despite the technical blemishes that come with the series, its lack of co-op story mode play, and the fun-yet-unreliable multiplayer, Frank West’s return brings the series some fresh ideas, a ton of bloody mayhem, and a whole lot of cracking wise. Here’s hoping he sticks around for a while.

Jim Sterling – 8/10

While there are some disappointments and archaic clunkiness, Dead Rising 4 is a great time that makes smart improvements over Dead Rising 3. The comedic beats are surprisingly well executed, especially early on in the campaign, and while the conclusion may be hugely disappointing to some, I can’t fault the series its boldness.

Destructoid – 7.5/10

For those of you who have been scared off by Dead Rising in the past, maybe this is your time. No, I’m not happy about a lot of the design changes, but the fact of the matter is Capcom Vancouver has created an amazing world to slice and dice in, even on par with my favorite setting so far — Fortune City. If you absolutely abhor the idea of changing Dead Rising, I would stay away from 4, but coming in with an open mind will serve you well.

Polygon – 8/10

Dead Rising 4 has thousands of zombies to kill, with an omnipresent Christmas theme that’s bizarre, unifying and, strangely, soothing. Right now, as we all wind our way toward the end of a very confusing, often sad and traumatic year, I found myself enjoying the opportunity to get lost in it without having to think about it very much. Dead Rising 4 may not be smart, but I was never bored.

Dead Rising 4 is a third-person action survival game developed by Capcom Vancouver exclusively for PC and Xbox One.