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Crackdown 3 Release Date Set for Holiday 2017, Project Scorpio Version Confirmed

According to Microsoft, the upcoming Crackdown 3 is still slated to release before or during holiday season 2017.

It goes without saying that this entire week was about Sony’s Playstation Experience conference, The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and other announcements made during the convention.

Crackdown 3 Still Scheduled for Holidays 2017

However, Microsoft’s Dave Johnson recently revealed during Extra Life stream on Xbox that the studio is still targeting holiday season 2017 as the launch window for Crackdown 3.

In addition to this, Johnson also confirmed that apart from releasing on Xbox One, Crackdown 3 will also run at 4K resolution on Microsoft’s more-powerful console, codenamed Project Scorpio. The upcoming console does not have a concrete release date as of now, but is scheduled to release sometime during late 2017.

Maybe Crackdown 3 is scheduled to be a launch title for Project Scorpio – we don’t know, but we will make sure to update you as soon as we learn more. You can check out a couple of excerpts taken from the livestream, courtesy of Chris1.

Holiday 2017 Release

Running at 4K on Project Scorpio

Earlier this year at E3 2016, Microsoft confirmed that all of studio’s first-party titles would arrive both on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a part of the company’s Play Anywhere initiative which allows users to cross buy and cross play the game between Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

We currently do not have any information whether Crackdown 3 will be a part of Play Anywhere initiative, but it will not be the biggest of surprises if it turns out to be.

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