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Mass Effect: Andromeda Hub World “Nexus” Detailed In New Video

A new Mass Effect video for the Andromeda Initiative has been shown off to Mass Effect fans everywhere, as the VI Avina (the AI that you always meet when you arrive on the Citadel in a game) briefs you on what exactly the Mass Effect: Anrdomeda hub world, called the “Nexus”, will have available.

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With the Andromeda Initiative (an effort by the Citadel races to colonize the Andromeda Galaxy) coming closer and closer as the game’s release date approaches, players are being thoroughly briefed with a variety of videos that give you information about what to expect in the Andromeda galaxy. The Nexus, which will serve as a Citadel-like hub, is part of this.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda hub world will have everything from science labs to recreation centers, to a Presidium-like garden area for players to peruse while they’re on the station, which will be traveling with the various ark colony ships that will be heading for the Andromeda galaxy. The Nexus will serve as a hub of trade and government for the Citadel races during and after the colonization effort.

With everything that the Mass Effect: Andromeda hub world will have available for it, and with the possibility of a lot of new species coming in (aside from the race that will serve as the game’s primary enemy, the Kett), hopefully we’ll be able to see the Nexus become populated with a lot more alien species than just the ones from the Milky Way.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be coming out sometime in March of next year, and we finally saw a small portion of gameplay from it last night at The Game Awards, so hopefully what we saw there actually ends up being even better than what we’ve seen so far, and heralds a brand new adventure in the Andromeda galaxy.