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League of Legends Runes Will Undergo Major Changes in 2017

League of Legends runes provide players significant advantage based on their respective roles. For example, a jungler without runes is likely to face a difficult early-game compared to someone running a full rune-page. The problem lies in the fact that the current pricing on runes is simply too high.

The subject of cost has been floating about for numerous seasons now. To clarify, League of Legends runes can only be acquired through IP (in-game currency). Grinding games to accumulate enough IP to complete a single rune-page wouldn’t be looked at with such disdain if you didn’t consider that Summoners also need to unlock new champions.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, lead champion designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there are major changes coming to runes sometime next year.

“There are a number of things about them we think we could improve,” said Meddler. He added that the runes system is one area of expertise outside of most developers. Hence, it’s a subject that hasn’t been touched upon much.

The developer didn’t mention as to what kind of changes we should expect next year. Considering that most complains are regarding cost, it’s likely that Riot Games is going to make runes cheaper and easier to acquire.

In the past, the developer has shown interest in making runes available for everyone. Newly inducted players shouldn’t have to stop unlocking new champions just because they need to accumulate enough resources for runes in order to make available champions viable. That being said, you shouldn’t expect Riot Games to make runes free as that would directly impact the company’s earning model.

Personally, I’ve always found the leveling process in League of Legends bland and pointless. There should be incentives placed at specific thresholds that grant you rewards upon reaching the desired levels. In this way, a new player will be armed with the necessary champions, runes, rune pages, perhaps even cosmetic upgrades, when he heads into ranked games after level 30.