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Dead Rising 4 Launch Trailer Gets Players Into the Holiday Spirit

The Dead Rising 4 launch trailer has been released by Capcom since the game is going to be out by next Tuesday, and it has plenty of that old Dead Rising lunacy to help players get into the holiday (or should that be holi-slay?) spirit, along with showing off all of Frank’s new toys.

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Taking the form of a parody of the classic Christmas tale “The Night Before Christmas”, the trailer has Frank reading a story to himself while we see him butchering zombies by the dozen. He uses a flaming sword, a chainsaw, a bat wrapped in barbed wire, and even a suit of powered armor and a giant flamethrower, before wrapping the whole thing up with the sort of crazy vehicles that you could make in Dead Rising 3.

All in all it seems like Dead Rising 4 is pulling out all the stops that came with the other games in the series to make this game the best one yet, not only with combinable weapons, but even more crazy gadgets to use on the thousands of zombies that have swarmed Willamette Mall, formerly shoppers that had gathered in the place for Black Friday.

It’s likely that the Dead Rising 4 launch trailer didn’t even show us everything that will be available to kill zombies; every Dead Rising game has had hundreds of ways to thin the undead hordes, ranging from something as simple as a gun or a big piece of plywood, to a naginata, a scythe, running over zombies with cars, or using combination weapons like a bomb placed inside a teddy bear.

If you’re one of those Dead Rising fans that have been waiting a long time for another game, you can check out the Dead Rising 4 launch trailer above and try and wait the last four days until the game comes out.