Titanfall Online Comes To Asia, Free-To-Play Cooperation With Respawn

It seems like the free-to-play market in Asia is still going strong despite the collapse of games like Halo Online, which went offline in Russia several months ago. Now, in cooperation with Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall Online is now available in the region as a free-to-play game via the Korean company Nexon.

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Considering China’s heavy censorship of a number of things from the West and the rest of the world, Titanfall Online is probably the closest thing a lot of Chinese players will be able to get to the real thing, especially given the main game’s story of a downtrodden rebel group fighting against a seemingly all-powerful government entity.

Nexon, the Korean company that’s cooperating with Respawn and Electronic Arts in bringing Titanfall Online to Asia, is a regional expert on free-to-play games like this one, so they’re the logical choice for the game being re-developed in a manner like this.

Unfortunately, even though Titanfall 2 came out last month on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, the free-to-play version that’s being worked on now is actually based on the first Titanfall game, which came out exclusively for the Xbox One and PC in 2014, rather than the most recent Titanfall game.

However, considering this is a free-to-play model, Nexon and Respawn may simply update the free-to-play version with new Titan classes and weapons as the game continues on.

While there’s no inkling about any sort of international release for this game, hopefully it will be successful enough to make an impact in Asian markets, especially since rip offs and pastiches of other games such as Overwatch are already prevalent in China and other areas like it. Hopefully, since Respawn and EA are cooperating with Nexon on this, that an actual, legitimate version of a Western game altered for widespread online play will finally get some good press.