Things We Learnt From Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay at TGA 2016

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay was showcased at The Game Awards 2016. The following article will discuss some of the features that we loved from the new trailer for Andromeda.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It follows the story of the path-finders who are looking for a new home for humanity.

Mass Effect Andromeda will introduce a brand new cast that will command a new ship, Tempest. The ship was shown for a brief moment during the gameplay reveal trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. We also saw the female lead and different alien races.

Friends of Foe?

Once again your decisions will have an impact on the outcome of certain situations. For example, the lead character is seen getting off on the wrong with Slone Kelly due to the player’s aggressive and arrogant approach. The situation would have been very different is the player had a soft approach.

The Six Wheel Beast

The worlds you’ll explore in Mass Effect Andromeda are massive and sometimes you may need to speed up your travels. You will carry a six-wheel vehicle with you to different planets. The Nomad is designed to stand the test of time and easily traverse different surfaces. It also protects you from hazards and enemies.

Discover Everything

In Mass Effect Andromeda, you will come across different species, surfaces, planets, plants, documents etc. You may not always understand what’s in front of you. So to help you out, developers have introduced new scanning and analysis tools that help you interpret everything you discover.

You Are the Batman (Kind of)

You can put your investigation shoes on during Mass Effect Andromeda. Some missions will require you to investigate certain situations, such as a murder, and the Scanning and Analysis tool will help you with your investigations. The investigation is a brand new addition to the Mass Effect series, one that surely gives Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay more depth.

New Abilities

Mass Effect Andromeda will give you access to futuristic weapons, skills, and gear that will help you handle conflicts. Each class will have its own unique abilities and skills. The class we saw in the new Mass Effect Andromeda is the classic Bionic class. It can teleport similar to Tracer from Overwatch, use shields for enemy fire, jetpacks and more.