Prey The Game Awards 2016 Trailer Gives Us A Closer Look The Game’s Story And Gameplay

As promised Arkane Studios has revealed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, Prey, which is a reboot of a first-person action game.

During Game Awards 2016 the developer revealed that Prey will launch in Spring 2017 and players will take control of Morgan who is a test subject for an experiment gone wrong.

The trailer starts in 1958 where some astronomers are attempting to repair a damaged satellite and one of the astronomers is killed by a black entity. Then the trailer jumps to 2035 to a Talos research facility in space.

Game’s protagonist Morgan says that those who will come after him will be much smarter and stronger, this possibly is a reference towards the research that he is part of. He also says that they will know they exist because of the things we did, this indicates that the experiments are not legal.

Then the trailer showcases the game’s protagonist fighting against the monsters, taking the shape of a cup and more.

Before Prey was rebooted Bethesda was going with a bounty hunter setting in Prey 2 but the publisher eventually canceled the game. According to Pete Hines, the game was canceled because it had reached the point where there was no clear path to get to where the wanted the game to be.

Hines further said that Bethesda will not go into the details about the circumstances of Prey 2 cancellation , but it is in the past now and Human Head Studio is working on a new project.

I don’t want to go through and talk about stuff like, well, he said this and we said that. I want those guys to have every success and to not have to keep bringing up this thing. Games get canceled. It happens. Marriages go bad. It happens.

Prey is currently in development at Arkane Studio and is scheduled to release in Spring 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.