First Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer Shows a Proper RPG in a Mass Effect Universe

Fans of the Mass Effect were waiting for the gameplay reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda and Bioware has released the first Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer.

The trailer was first revealed during The Game Awards 2016. In this Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer, Bioware not only showcases the first gameplay footage but also details different aspects of the game.

The trailer showcases different environments of the game, these environments vary from beautiful to hazardous. According to Bioware, every planet is different some are hazardous and some are outright inhabitable and every planet has its own story.

Recently, Creative director Mac Walters revealed that the devs want the story of game to feel self-contained and want players to feel satisfied when the game has ended.

At the end of this, we want it to feel like a story has [been] completed. Yes, for the universe, there’s much more you could explore, and we want to tease that, but it feels like its own story.

He further added that he wants players to do more than just shoot their way out of the situation. He said that devs want players to be explorers and adventurers.

You have to be able to handle a gun. You have to be able to fight. But we want you to be more than that; we want [you to] be an explorer, an adventurer, someone who’s trained in diplomacy and other things.

Also, Bioware has revealed a ton of multiplayer details about the upcoming game. According to the devs, the biggest change to the multiplayer of Mass Effect Andromeda is how the abilities and powers work.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action adventure RPG in development at Bioware and will launch in March 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.