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Final Fantasy XV Has Sold More Than Five Million Copies On Day One

Square-Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV has sold over five million copies worldwide: it’s officially the fastest-selling game in the franchise history.

This number is really really good and, even if it comes from combined day one shipment and digital sales, it means that people trusted Square-Enix and wanted the series to go back on its habits, made of good successful games.

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However, the Final Fantasy is long running and there are a lot of hardcore fans all over the world, people that managed to play classical titles like Final Fantasy VII.

This sense of nostalgia led YouTuber C4DNerd to make a PS1 version of Final Fantasy XV, featuring random encounters and a turn based fight system.

In this video we see Noctis and his friends fighting against some NIflheim soldiers, eventually taking on a boss.

Anyhow, FFXV will receive DLCs, and one of them could introduce Luna as a playable character.

Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari talked about this question, stressing the fact that Square-Enix is going to add this character to the game, whether it’s not known if this package will be free or not.

Final Fantasy XV also supports PlayStation 4 Pro, even if it won’t take full advantage of the consoles specs since developers had little time to work on the patch.

If you didn’t have the chance to play this game, you can read our review in order to understand if it’s the title you were waiting for.

Final Fantasy XV is already out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a PC version is probably not releasing.