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Final Fantasy XV New Game Plus Arriving Soon Along With Level Limiter And More

Final Fantasy XV has launched with some stellar reviews and Square Enix is still not done with the game as the developer has announced that Final Fantasy XV New Game Plus will be arriving soon.

Recently, Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu hosted a live stream on Nico Nico and game director Hajime Tabata was present as a guest. Tabata detailed a couple of interesting things about the upcoming Holiday Pack DLC that will probably be available later this month.

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Tabata revealed that the DLC pack will include a Final Fantasy XV New Game Plus and the ability to cap the level of the party so that players can challenge themselves.

Furthermore, Tabata was asked if the Mystery Disk for Final Fantasy XV will be available publically or not. He responded that the disc is in the preparation of launch but did not specify that how the disc will be released.

Holiday Pack DLC will be available for free to those who have purchased the game and those who have the season pass will get an upgraded version of the DLC pack titled Holiday Pack+. This DLC pack will decorate the cities for the holidays and will bring more content.

It has not been a week since the launch of Final Fantasy XV and Square Enis has revealed that the game has sold over 5 million units. Interestingly these numbers are for the first day of the game’s launch and is officially the fastest-selling game in the franchise history.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Famitsu (via Dualshockers)