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$930 Worth of Xbox Games Placed on Xbox Live Games With Gold This Year

According to a recent analysis of the Xbox Live Games With Gold program by Polygon, the program has given out a collection of 48 different games of all genres and ratings that altogether would cost a gamer $930 if they bought them at full price, including a number of old and relatively new classics.

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Games with Gold first started back in July of 2013, and has been going on uninterrupted right up until December 2016, now. This past July marked the program’s third year, and has been expanded with the release of the Xbox One to go from two games to four a month, with two being released for the Xbox One and two being released for the 360.

Depending on the choice of games, the Xbox One side of the game could even get all four games, if the two for the 360 are available on the Xbox Live backwards compatibility service.

Many of the games that the program has promoted have been well-reviewed, more recent titles or highly popular arcade games. These include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Gears of War 2, Borderlands, Dead Space, Sunset Overdrive, Saints Row 4, Peggle, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and more. The classic, critically-acclaimed puzzle adventure game Beyond Good and Evil has also been on the service in recent months.

The Xbox Live Games With Gold program can even be seen as superior to the Playstation Plus program, which has gotten some criticism in recent months from Playstation Network subscribers due to a lack of quality games to play. While Microsoft seems to have no problem putting triple-A games up for people to download for free, Sony appears to limit itself either to not-as-well reviewed titles or just small, niche arcade games.

The four games that Microsoft is putting out in December for the Xbox Live Games with Gold program are a few other well-reviewed triple-A or classic games, including the racing game Burnout: Paradise, the survival horror game Outlast, and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.