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Watch Dogs 2 Graphics Comparison Video Shows PS4 Pro, PC Differences

A Watch Dogs 2 graphics comparison video has been released onto YouTube, showing off how the game looks between the Playstation 4 Pro and the PC now that the PC version of the game has been released. The video provides side-by-side comparisons of various areas in the game, and the differences are nearly invisible.

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To start with, the Playstation 4 Pro version of the game shown runs at 1800p resolution (3200 by 1800). This does result in some downsampling from the game when it’s made to run on something like a TV that supports the highest tier of 1080p, once again bringing up the possibility of the Playstation 4 Pro being too specialized towards 4K if the graphical quality takes a dip on a 1080p TV.

When it comes to the PC side of the Watch Dogs 2 graphics comparison video, the PC in that instance was built to run the game on the highest-tier Ultra settings, including HFTS shadows, Nvidia, and antialiasing set to 4XMSAA. All of this is running on 1080 GTX graphics cards in SLI.

Of course, graphics quality like that will likely beyond the reach of many PC players too, unless they’ve been saving up to make their rig able to play as many triple-A PC games as possible. The 1080 GTX cards with SLI are around 1200 dollars each, out of reach of a great deal of PC gamers, or even many gamers at all. It doesn’t help that Watch Dogs 2 is an extremely demanding game for a PC.

However, the main difference seen in the Watch Dogs 2 graphics comparison video is in the shadows on both games. While the rest is fairly indistinguishable from PC to PS4 Pro, you can see that the shadows are much better on the PC version of the game. This can be attributed to the Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows, reputed by Nvidia as the best shadow graphics offered by the GameWorks library. This does, however, come at the cost of being very hard on the framerate unless your system can handle it and is being underutilized by the game.