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EA: No Battlefield Sequel Will Be Coming For Another Couple Of Years

Electronic Arts has just announced that there will not be a Battlefield sequel coming for another couple of years or so, after the company released its best-performing Battlefield game yet in the form of the World War 1-focused Battlefield 1. This is according to EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgenson.

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Jorgenson gave the reasoning behind the delay of a Battlefield sequel as a way to help increase the company’s profits by making Battlefield 1 have some staying power.

Considering that Battlefield 1 doubled the numbers of Battlefield 4 on launch (particularly since Battlefield 1’s multiplayer actually works well), to start developing a new game immediately would be a waste of Battlefield 1’s potential.

Considering that we travel all over the world in the multiplayer and single-player parts of the game, traveling everywhere from Italy to the Middle East to Gallipoli to the Western Front, there’s plenty of places for EA to make into multiplayer maps, especially since players will be getting the Russian and French armies as DLC (which will also likely come with new multiplayer maps in France and Russia).

If it really does turn out that a Battlefield sequel won’t be coming out until 2018 or later, then players will have plenty of time to get used to Battlefield 1 and any DLC maps that will be coming out along with it, and will also give EA and DICE the opportunity to decide what they want the next Battlefield game to be, whether they go back to the modern era like Battlefield 3 and 4, or decide to move to the Cold War (maybe to Vietnam or Korea) or even just continue on from Battlefield 1 and make a World War 2 Battlefield.

In the meantime, with years to go until a proper Battlefield sequel, players will have to get very used to the Western Front and the various other maps that players can play on in Battlefield 1.