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4 Important Changes Coming With League of Legends Patch 6.24

Riot Games has been gradually updating the Public Beta Environment (PBE) with new changes planned for release with League of Legends Patch 6.24. The major update is scheduled to arrive on December 7, accompanying the official launch of the new ranked Season 7. Here are four important changes that will be part of the update.

Reduced XP From Ancient Krug
Currently, junglers have to just clear the Red Brambleback and Ancient Krug to reach Level 3. This is bothersome for the enemy side, specifically for the bottom lane. Just past the two-minute mark, a blue-side jungler can gank bottom-lane with its players still at Level 1.

The likelihood of obtaining First Blood is high. In the worst case scenario, you get to force the enemy players to blow their Summoner Spells while trying to escape.

League of Legends Patch 6.24 will reduce the Experience gain from the Ancient Krug by half for the first clear. In other words, clearing the Red Brambleback and Ancient Krug at the start of a game will earn you only Level 2.

Nerf to Courage of the Colossus and the Tank meta
The recently added Keystone mastery allows champions to bring up a temporary shield by inducing a crowd-control ability. It’s pretty much the most popular Keystone mastery right now, with all Tanks calling upon Courage of the Colossus to soak up damage.

Patch 6.24 is balancing the Keystone but it’s unsure how. According to lead champion designer Riot Meddler, the upcoming update will “pull a number of tanks down significantly.”

Improved Passive for Azir
The Emperor of the Sands has fallen off the food chain for some time now. Riot Games hopes to make the champion popular again by buffing his passive ability, Shurima’s Legacy.

An erected Turret will gain increased AD per minute and offer reduced gold to enemies upon destruction. Additionally, the construction time for a tower is being reduced by almost half.

The recharge time on Azir’s Arise! (W) ability is also being buffed with a reduced cooldown duration.

While Azir mains may not find the changes that powerful, the developer is extremely wary of any proposed changes for the champion. Riot Games does not want Azir to be the bothersome champion he was upon release. Hence, the development team will take its time in bringing Azir to a healthy state.

New Shredding Passive for Garen
Garen is another champion that is rarely seen picked nowadays. Patch 6.24 will grant the Might of Demacia a new passive ability on his Judgement (E) ability. Enemy champions hit four times by a spinning Garen will have their armor reduced by 25 percent for six seconds.

This will further allow Garen to decimate squishy opponents.

As always, the changes on PBE are not final and may differ when the new League of Legends Patch 6.24 actually hits live servers.