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Traffic Can Kill You On The New Overwatch Map Oasis

One of the more interesting things that a lot of multiplayer games have in their maps is the addition of stage hazards, which can kill careless players quickly. Whether it’s trains, disasters, random events, or in the case of the new Overwatch map, traffic, there’s a lot of different examples.

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Oasis is the newest map that’s coming to Overwatch, and is currently in testing in the game’s Public Test Realm for a privileged group of players to try out so that Blizzard can keep track of how the game plays on it, and iron out any kinks that may show up during its testing period.

However, the new Overwatch map has a stage hazard as mentioned above: traffic. While several other Overwatch maps do have their own problems in the form of cliffs that you can fall off, Oasis (which appears to take place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates) has a large number of cars zipping around the edge of the map at breakneck speeds, so if you get too far off the main part of the map you stand a good chance of getting sent flying by a careless driver.

The possibility of stage hazards on this new Overwatch map gives you a good way to have fun with it, maybe with Lucio in his frog costume attempting to make it to the other side of the road, if you’re a fan of Frogger.

It could also, however, be a good way for a Roadhog to take out an enemy, if they somehow manage to make it past the road; a simple hook and melee could send an enemy player flying out onto the road and getting hit by a car.

Either way, we can likely anticipate a lot of shenanigans when the new Overwatch map gets out of the public test realm and is officially added to the game.