Rare Discuses Sea Of Thieves Outposts In New Development Diary

Developer Rare has been revealing new details about their upcoming See Of Thieves game through short development diaries. This time the developer has shared another development diary that focuses on building Sea Of Thieves outposts.

Sea Of Thieves outposts can be found in the game and players can also build one if they so desire. In this development diary, we see the game beyond the ships.

In the video, Environment Artist Joe Bradford details the mechanics behind the Sea Of Thieves outposts and the challenges. According to Bradford, the real challenge to create an outpost is to make it clear and easy for the player to navigate.

Previously, Rare shared another development diary that focused on the islands in the game. In the video level art lead, Darren Nourish, and environment artist, Joachim Coppens, discussed the islands within the Sea Of Thieves, their designs and more.

Furthermore, Rare’s Mike Chapman discussed the progression system in Sea Of Thieves along with the character customization. He revealed that these systems are quite detailed and give players an array of choices it terms of character customization.

He further added that players will also be able to upgrade and customize their ships. One of the most exciting features about the game is playing on someone else’s ship. This allows you to see the choices they made and how they are progressing.

He also revealed that players will not be forced to play in large groups and players have the choice to play as they want.

Sea Of Thieves is an action-adventure MMO in development at Rare and will launch in 2017 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.