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Game Freak Issues Pokemon-Catching Challenge For Players

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” has never been a more apt phrase than today, after Game Freak declared a Pokemon-catching challenge for everyone that owns Pokemon Sun and Moon, wanting them to catch 100 million Pokemon combined from now until December 13, two weeks from now. In-game rewards will also be given out as an incentive.

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Pokemon only released two weeks ago and has already taken the world by storm, much like Pokemon Go, the Pokemon-catching mobile game from Niantic and Nintendo, did several months before it. Considering how the game managed to get even more buzz than X and Y did, along with more sales and pre-orders. Hopefully, this means that the Pokemon-catching challenge will go by fairly quickly.

The reward for the challenge, if Pokemon players are able to reach the goal of 100 million Pokemon captured, will be getting a thousand Festival Coins per player if those 100 million Pokemon are put in the game’s Game Sync feature by December 13.

Festival coins are used in the game’s Festival Plaza minigame, which you can use to upgrade and buy new buildings to help you get more items. You can also speak to other trainers across the internet and either trade with them or battle them.

While it doesn’t seem like very much of a reward now, Game Freak and Nintendo will likely make more Pokemon-catching challenge events like this, possibly with even better rewards (which might, eventually, include a Pokemon, though we don’t have any idea if that will ever happen yet).

Considering that catching Pokemon is basically the entire point of the game (and a lot of Pokemon have multiple evolutions, so you’d have to catch multiple ones to fill every spot on your Poke Dex), this shouldn’t be too hard of a goal to meet, so if you want more Festival Coins, get on out there and get catching!