League of Legends to Start Testing an Early Surrender Option

One can debate about possible comebacks in League of Legends and how losing sides can work together to win important team fights and shift the tide of the game. Nonetheless, sometimes an inevitable defeat is pretty much confirmed within the first few minutes.

Currently, League of Legends gives the option of surrendering at the 20-minute mark. In situations where one side completely demolishes its opponents early-on makes it less desirable for the losing side to wait out the ticking clock.

Earlier this year, Riot Games introduced the option of remaking a game if a team is playing with disconnected or idle players. The feature can be called upon before the three-minute mark. However, what should players do if their team is complete and active but are pretty much done for?

Responding to a thread on the official forums, lead champion designer Riot Meddler revealed that there’s an early surrender option being worked upon. Teams will have the option to surrender a game at the 15-minute mark instead of the current 20-minute threshold. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the 15-minute surrender needs to be unanimously passed by all five members of a team.

The early surrender feature was apparently shelved by Riot Games. Work on the new League client and pre-season changes took precedence. According to Meddler, the early surrender option will be released “soon” for testing and that too in a single region. He didn’t reveal what region will get to try out the feature but did mention that the resulting feedback will decide whether it remains permanently or be scrapped.

This is not the first time that we’ve heard about an early surrender option. Several seasons back, the developer was interested in testing out a surrender option at the 10-minute mark. However, Riot Games went into radio silence over the matter since then — until now.