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How To Summon Astrals In Final Fantasy XV – Titan, Ramuh, Levi, Ifrit, Bahamut

A Final Fantasy game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to summon powerful beings during combat to help turn the tide. The tradition continues in Final Fantasy XV with the summons now called Astrals, huge magical beings that players can summon during a battle if they are losing.

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The arrival of those Astrals and the subsequent fight are truly a sight to behold and for that very purpose, players can’t just press a button to summon Astrals during combat.

There are a total of 4 Astrals in the game, each has a different requirement condition that needs to be met before it can be summoned in the fight. The requirements for those summons reset with every fight so a player can’t continue summoning them again and again at the start of every battle.

Once players have learned the ability to summon, The Astral known as Titan can be called forth if anyone of Noctis’ team mates are incapacitated during a battle. Ramuh on the other hand can only be summoned if the current ongoing fight has been going on for quite some time and Ramuh’s arrival can speed things up.

Levi’s summoning requires Noctis himself to be seriously hurt and in Danger state. Shiva, being the most powerful Astral, can however be only summoned if all of the conditions to summon other Astrals have been met.

Depending on the urgency and after the condition has been met, players can hold down the LT or L2 button on their controller to trigger the summoning.

While playing the main story of Final Fantasy XV, players can also summon Ifrit and Bahamut but they can only be summoned during those specific story missions and not during other open world encounters.