Final Fantasy 15 Frame Rate Video Finds Good And Bad On Xbox One

Now that the long-awaited Final Fantasy 15, the latest in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, has finally come out, people are already comparing how the game looks between Sony consoles and Microsoft consoles. DigitalFoundry has posted videos for both, and we can now see with a FInal Fantasy 15 frame rate comparison of how it runs on Xbox One.

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Final Fantasy has traditionally been a Sony-exclusive series for a long time. Final Fantasy has only come over to the Xbox One in the past few iterations, starting with the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, going to the remastering of Final Fantasy Type-0 and up until now. Thus, it will likely be a bit rusty, especially since the normally graphics-intensive games are running on a console that isn’t as powerful as the Playstation 4.

As such, due to the Xbox’s 900p resolution and adaptive resolution technology, the game’s image quality isn’t what it could be under the Playstation 4 or the Playstation 4 Pro, and its frame rate tends to dip somewhat during battle scenes.

However, the image quality and the Final Fantasy 15 frame rate is much improved from the game’s Episode Duscae demo, which got criticized for poor image quality and bad framerates (though that appears to have mostly gone away as the game got better with each showing).

The Final Fantasy 15 frame test video posted by DigitalFoundry also brings up that the Xbox One lacks a notable problem from the Playstation 4 version of the game, mainly the framerate pacing issue that caused the camera to lag while you’re moving it around the protagonists.

Considering how long the development for Final Fantasy 15 has been, with it first being announced as Final Fantasy Versus 13 in 2006, but since it’s finally out and appears to be great, hopefully people on both consoles will look past the game’s problems and enjoy it regardless. As for the Final Fantasy 15 frame rate issues, hopefully they can be patched fairly quickly.