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EA DICE Made No Specific Changes to Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro With Fall Update

EA DICE, the creator of Battlefield 1, has confirmed that the developers made no specific improvements to PS4 Pro version with the Fall update. This means that PS4 Pro is going to suffer from a number of issues.

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Players reported a number of issues including problems with anti-aliasing, texture quality, and graphics downgrade. Reports mentioned that the Fall update will make Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro run better. However, EA DICE has confirmed that this is not the case.

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We are constantly reproducing any issues highlighted by our Battlefield community with identical setups here at DICE in order to legitimize them and then identify how best to fix them, including any related to the recent Battlefield 1 Fall Update. We did want to confirm that there were no changes incorporated that are specific to the PS4 Pro

Battlefield 1 had PS4 Pro support for a while but it needs to be fixed before players can get the best experience possible. EA DICE is aware of the problem so we can expect to see a major update for PS4 Pro in the coming weeks.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is one of the best shooters to release this year and in my review of Battlefield 1, I mentioned:

DICE took a major risk going back in time but the studio nailed it right on the head. Battlefield 1 relieves the stagnancy in the genre and is the must-have shooter of the year.

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