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Dishonored 2 PC Issues Addressed By Game Director

Dishonored 2 PC version wasn’t exactly what people expected from Arkane Studios. This game, in fact, has a lot of issues that prevent people from playing both on high and low end PCs.

Some patches have been published by the company, but that’s still not enough. Game director Harvey Smith discussed this question in an interview:

There were some combinations of things that we didn’t expect, even if we did a lot of tests with the game. Very high-end CPUs with low-end GPUs, and older drivers, things like that. I’m a PC gamer and, in my opinion, there is nothing like running on a super high-end PC. But it’s also the most varied platform to support. It’s more complicate to work with PCs rather than consoles.

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Besides Dishonored 2 PC issues, a lot of people are discussing whether or not Emily Kaldwin is Gay.

It was the creative director of the game,  Harvey Smith, the one who gave an answer (sort of) on Reddit AMA.

This is an action game, we do not delve into that. There’s no time nor space for much romance. But I think that, as a confident young woman brought up to lead and to stand against detractors and enemies, representing an Empire, Emily simply does as she pleases, and has probably dallied with a variety of people. However, her heart belongs to Wyman.

Well, we can say that this game really succeeded in being a hot topic on the internet, catching people’s attention in different  ways.

Dishonored 2 is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.