Ark Survival Evolved Patch 748 Will Add Xbox One Achievements, Procedural Generated Arks And More

Studio Wildcard does not seem to be stopping from adding new content to Ark Survival Evolved. Now the developers have announced Ark Survival Evolved Patch 748 that will drop on December 14.

Ark Survival Evolved Patch 748 will add Xbox LIVE Achievements and rewards but no further details have been revealed. These achievements for Xbox One will drop after one year in the Xbox One Game Preview Program and many players have spent hundreds of hours of gameplay and maxed out their characters. So it is unknown that these players will be rewarded or not.

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Furthermore, the patch will also bring procedurally generated Arks which previously were only available for the PC version. Also, Ark Survival Evolved Patch 748 will be improving the game’s performance by 7%.

  • Procedurally Generated ARK’s!!!!
  • Full set of new Xbox Achievements & rewards!
  • All content up thru PC v252.0
  • Performance increase of approximately 7% due to use of new PhysX libraries.

The developers have also noted that Patch 748 will be bringing more content and further patch notes will be revealed later.

PlayStation 4 gamers will not have to wait long for Ark Survival Evolved to launch for their console. Recently, Abstraction Studio, who is handling the PlayStation 4 version of Ark Survival Evolved, announced that their hard work has paid off and the PlayStation 4 build of the game is ready.

Previously, Studio Wildcard released patch 747 for Xbox One that implemented an open-borders policy meaning Xbox One players of Ark Survival Evolved are now able to freely transfer their creatures and items between servers.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game in development at Studio Wildcard. The game is currently in early access for PC and Xbox One and is expected to launch in December 2016.

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