Watch Dogs 2 PC Is Very Well Optimized, According to User Reviews

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is out now on PC and it looks like the developers have done it right this time around. Many of Ubisoft’s games are often criticized for being poorly optimized but Watch Dogs 2 PC is not the same way.

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Judging by a number early Steam reviews, it is safe to say that Watch Dogs 2 runs smoothly on PC. There are some minor hiccups here and there but overall the game handles itself very well on even Ultra settings.

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Here are some of the reviews:

The game is out now. I tested the game on MY GTX 750TI and on GTX 970 on all settings and on 1080p and 900p.

First the game looks optimised better than watch dogs 1 and far better than dishonored 2 and mafia 3.. To get 30+ fps you need to keep a mix of medium and high settings on 900p and for 1080p you have to keep low and medium settings. on GTX 750TI. For GTX 970 Users they can straight aim for ultra and very high settings to get over 60+ fps on 1080p. But this fps will not be stable enough. Play through the intro section and you will see a drop in FPS. SO Keep the settings in a mix of high and very high to get over 60+ fps on 900p and 1080p. Do not judge the game on first 30 minutes of intro section. The real test begins after that.
i Surely do recommand the game as the game is good, better optimized than most recent new titles and very smooth and performs best if locked at 30 with all settings set to ultra.

So far it’s pretty good. Framerate is generally consistent and the options menu is filled with stuff. The gameplay is sweet and the potential for combinations of things makes this game almost like a sort of play your own way but in a massive open world.

Well…Damn, 1st game this year to be released Bug free And! optimised…. and by Ubisoft?
This is how you launch a PC game, Bethesda and others take note.
Oh as for the game, it’s like Watchdogs 1 but with more stuff going on…. so far so good.

It looks like Ubisoft has learned its lesson which means we can expect future Ubisoft titles to also be well optimized for PC. The next major Ubisoft game is Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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