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Sean Murray Is Back! This Is Why He Was Silent For All This Time

No Man’s Sky was launched in August 2016, receiving bad feedback from the players all over the world.

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This game, in fact, lacked everything that was promised by the team and Sean Murray himself, as people had to deal with an uncompleted indie game that was sold at full price.

No words have been said by Sean Murray during these months, while Hello Games kept working on the game.

Now, Murray is back on his official Twitter profile, where he explained the reason for his silence.

He basically preferred not to say anything until something new was about to be released for the game, giving players more reasons to play No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update has been recently released adding new interesting features to the game.

The centerpiece of it is the base building. Players are now able to make their own base by finding and recruit alien lifeforms for new technologies.

The Sky Foundation Update also adds Normal mode, Creative Mode, and Survival mode. Ten new plant types can now grow, helping players to craft and discover new resource elements.

Have you try this new update? What do you think about it?

One thing is for sure: Hello Games has put a lot of effort in it and the players base started to grow again as a result.

No Man’s Sky is already out for Sony’s PlayStation 4.