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New Prey Gameplay Will Be Shown Off At The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2016 has already been hinted at to have a variety of world premiers at it, and we may already have one. While the 2017 remake of Prey has already been revealed at this year’s E3, we’ll be seeing new Prey gameplay when The Game Awards rolls around on December 1.

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The announcement came from Geoff Keighley’s own official Twitter page, where he asked everyone to tune in on Thursday night (that’s December 1) and have their reality altered. Keighley is the founder of The Game Awards.

We’ve only seen a few short gameplay snippets of Prey, mainly in the story trailers that showed off that we can have a male or a female protagonist. Other than that, however, there hasn’t been much gameplay that shows us what’s happening on Talos One, the space station that serves as the game’s main setting.

Hopefully, the new Prey gameplay will be both terrifying and will show us a good bit of the gameplay that we’ll be doing in the game. So far, the only parts we’ve seen are the various weapons you can use in the game, the outside and inside of various areas of Talos One, and some combat with the alien monsters that have invaded the station.

In addition to the new Prey gameplay, we can also expect to see another space-based game getting gameplay for the first time at the awards with Mass Effect: Andromeda, along with eight other games that will also be getting gameplay debuts or outright announcements.

While Prey doesn’t really have any sort of release date beyond next year, hopefully the new Prey gameplay that we’ll be seeing at The Game Awards will give players the opportunity to get excited for what’s hopefully going to be another gem from Arkane Studios, who just released Dishonored 2 earlier this month.