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Hitman Patch 1.7.0 Finally Lets You Access Full Arsenal Offline

One of the main problems with games that require players to be constantly online is that if you play online, but then go offline for a while, you don’t have access to a lot of the stuff you earned online. However, Hitman patch 1.7.0 appears to be intended to fix this problem.

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The Hitman game, which started to come out earlier this year and initially got criticism for bad connectivity and other problems with its online component, is one of those games where you must always be online if you want to make full use of everything the game has to offer, whether it’s special assassination events, or all of the weapons you’ve earned during the game.

This will be fixed when Hitman patch 1.7.0 inputs an “offline profile” for players to use. Anything that players unlock during the game’s online play will be accessible when they play offline as well, meaning that if you want to use a specific weapon offline that you could only use online, you’ll now be able to make use of it regardless of whether you’re online or not. These items will also be including the mastery items you get, though you will still have to be online to unlock other items.

Other things included in Hitman patch 1.7.0 will be stability upgrades to keep the game from crashing and disconnecting so much, checkmarks so that you know when you’ve completed certain opportunities available in missions, an upgrade to the statistics page, a new studio logo, and even a new way for 47 to kill people.

However, the new way for 47 to make a kill (an Assassin’s Creed move where you can pull an enemy over a balcony) will be removed with the game’s December update, on account of it being glitched because the enemies won’t acknowledge that 47 was the killer even if they actively see him do it.