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December Playstation Plus Games Possibly Leaked On Reddit

An apparent leak via a Reddit user has put out what might be the December Playstation Plus games, two games that will be available for Playstation 4 players for free when December rolls around. The two games in question will be the action RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies, and Invisible Inc.

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The choices of games that are normally chosen for Playstation Plus games normally get a lot of derision for many Playstation 4 players, as the games are either low in quality or not something high-profile and old enough that releasing them for free would be a popular idea. For instance, November’s games were “Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture” from the developers of “Dear Esther”, and “The Deadly Tower of Monsters”, a parody top-down shooter game that supposedly takes place in the midst of shooting a sci-fi B movie.

Coming back to the December Playstation Plus games, Stories: The Path of Destinies is an action RPG that at first seems pretty kiddy with its world of talking animals and bright colors, but actually a fairly dark and involved story of the fox pirate Reynardo, who is attempting to free the setting from a mad emperor. The story can branch out in a number of different paths depending on what choices players make between levels, with a variety of endings depending on your overall path.

Invisible Inc. is something rather different, a turn-based tactical RPG where you guide a spy organization through an attack by numerous multinational corporations in order to get their base’s supercomputer to safety within a certain amount of time.

Both of the December Playstation Plus games got fairly positive reviews on their release, and with both of them being free you’ve really got nothing to lose by downloading and playing them. Both games will become available when December starts on Thursday of this week.