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Todd Howard Will Continue To Develop Fallout And Elder Scrolls For The Rest Of His Career

Game developers come and go, it is an inevitable cycle even if a developer is responsible for many glory years of a franchise. Such is the case with Todd Howard, responsible for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises.

It is inevitable that Todd Howard will one day be replaced by fresh blood to take Bethesda’s most popular franchises to a new direction however, Todd Howard recently revealed that that may not happen for a while.

In an interview with Glixel, he revealed that he has no intention of stopping development on Elder Scrolls and Fallout games and is fully committed to making more games for as long as his career will last.

In fact, he is in love with the franchises so much that he said he would be perfectly happy if he just kept alternating between development of these two franchises for the rest of his career and doesn’t feel the need to develop anything else.

During the interview, he said

They’re worlds that we really love. I would be sad if we stopped. We want to do other things as well, but those are worlds that are part of who I am. We make little games, too, like Fallout Shelter. We have some other mobile games that we’re starting to look at. We can try some things that we usually wouldn’t do with the larger games.

He also mentioned that Bethesda has no interest in stopping development of these franchises any time soon either. Why would they when the games are not only massive commercial but critical success as well. Fallout 4, the latest game from the franchise earned more than $100 million during the first 24 hours of release.

Whether development on small side scale projects like Fallout Shelter stops or not, Bethesda doesn’t seem too inclined to be shutting down the main game series. The fans don’t want them to either.