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Sombra Mod Added To Street Fighter V

Ever since Overwatch launched, modders have been working hard to bring its characters to Capcom’s Street Fighter V. A new mod for the game has now been released which brings Sombra mod to Street Fighter V.

Of course modders can’t actually add a new character in-game so like the previous mods, the Sombra mod for Street Fighter V replaces one of the game’s character models with Sombra’s from Overwatch.

THEJAMK, the creator of the mod replaced Laura’s character model to enable the Sombra mod. The modding was further helped by the fact that both Sombra and Laura look quite similar so it feels a lot like a simple reskin instead of a new character.

In the update, THEJAMK wrote:

Well, I think it was obvious this Mod. I’m not exactly proud of the animation in the clothes, but I think it’s not that bad. The colours are not exactly the same as the original because I wanted the alternative colours to work. And it is somewhat difficult since the character has degraded colours. Anyway I hope you like it.

It should be kept in mind since these are character model swaps, players won’t be using the abilities of Overwatch characters so those who try the Sombra mod will not get abilities like her Hack or EMP and the controls and moveset will remain those of Laura.

THEJAMK’s similar Overwatch mods for Street Fighter V include Roadhog, Tracer, Reinhardt and Mei. In all those cases, a character from the game was replaced to include the ones from Overwatch.

Tracer took over for Cammy, Roadhog for Birdie, Karin into D.Va and Mika into Mei.

As to which character will be modded next is unclear at this moment but given the history, the mod quality will undoubtedly be good. Maybe it is time Capcom and Blizzard took notice which results in some official crossover, perhaps in Overwatch’s Arcade mode.