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Rhianna Pratchett Talks About Writing Stories As A Freelance

Rhianna Pratchett, the famous video game writer known for titles such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Mirror’s Edge and Heavenly Sword recently had an exclusive interview with The Xbox Hub where she talked about her career and future.

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Rhianna Pratchett revealed during the interview that originally she started off as a journalist working for PC Zone magazine before she went freelance and started getting offers to write narratives for video games.

She also talked about her work on the original Mirror’s Edge game. Since she joined the project very late in development, she reveals that she didn’t really have any involvement during the entire process and just worked on the narrative that was told through the cutscenes since the game was originally designed without any story.

All the structure was in place; the city, the characters, and Faith and it was Rhinanna Pratchett who breathed life into it by weaving a narrative and lore behind all those things to fill in the gaps.

While talking about the size of development team and manpower involved in making a game from a writer’s perspective, she said:

The bigger the team, the less power you get to write as a freelance writer…. The bigger the team, you get a bigger budget, access to the best actors and the best tech but you also have hundreds of people giving you feedback. Then there are shareholders, publishers and platform holders to consider, all who want a say.

Rhianna Pratchett, while in favor of big development teams due to resources, also revealed that it is easy to work with smaller teams as it makes a writer’s job easier and allows them not only fame through the end product because of less number of people but also allows more freedom.

The full interview, alongside her take on negative reviews and how they can impact a development team, can be seen here.
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