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ReCore HDR Patch Coming Next Year According To Microsoft

Shannon Loftis, the GM of Microsoft Studios Publishing recently mentioned on Twitter that the Microsoft exclusive ReCore will soon be getting a new patch. The ReCore HDR version should be available next year.

The news was also later confirmed by Mike Ybarra, the Xbox platform chief where he retweeted Shannon’s tweet which means the ReCore HDR version will be available next year.

There is no fixed date for the release of the patch that will enable ReCore HDR or any other information for that.

Shannon’s tweet suggests the update will be for Xbox One S, Microsoft’s console capable of HDR, but considering that ReCore is available on Windows 10 as well, in fact it as the first title to make use of the Play Anywhere program, it is unclear whether HDR will be on PC or not.

Despite the platform being more than capable of it, the lack of any cheap HDR displays in the market has resulted in an almost nonexistence of HDR capable games on PC.

Earlier this year, Nvidia mentioned that HDR was coming to PC through their Pascal GPUs however so far there hasn’t really been any game that supports it and even if it did, HDR capable monitors are extremely rare and expensive in the PC market.

On the other hand, HDR is now slowly becoming a big thing when it comes to current generation consoles with both Sony and Microsoft offering HDR support in their consoles. HDR capable TVs are also slowly becoming easily available especially if someone opts for a 4K display.

Given the lukewarm reception ReCore received at launch, with many criticizing its extremely grindy nature towards the end of the game, many gamers were hoping for a PC release on Steam similar to Quantum Break.

While Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any such release, this announced of ReCore HDR version might put a dent in those hopes and even if a Steam version does end up getting released, it might lack HDR feature.