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PS4 Sales Were The Highest Non-Launch Week Sales In UK Last Week

The Black Friday weekend has now ended and it proved to be a highly successful one for Sony as PS4 sales skyrocketed in the UK.

According to GfK, PS4 sales were so high during the entire last week that the console had its most successful non-launch week in the UK. Thanks to the massive discounts where the console bundles went on sale for less than £200.

The PS4 sales also resulted in a boost when it came to games for the console, either in the form of bundles or as standalone purchases. Uncharted 4 managed to once again reach the Top 10 sold and reached #8 while Driveclub made a comeback at #20 and Rachet & Clank at #25.

Judging by how successful the PS4 sales in UK were, it is possible that Xbox might no longer continue its lead of most consoles sold in a month, which it had for the past 4 months.

During the week, PS4 console sales were above 140,000 which is more than 50,000 above the Xbox One units sold.

Earlier this month, Sony reported that PS4 sales had now reached 47 million units, with 3.9 million sold in the last quarter. That news combined with the Black Friday sales boost, it seems that the company is well on track to reach the predicted 60 million units sold mark especially with the upcoming holiday season.

Of course the sale week wasn’t just beneficial to Sony as the discounts also helped another recent game release, Watch Dogs 2. The game had a disappointing launch week despite good reviews. The Black Friday sales saw the game’s numbers see a boot thanks to discounts which now brings the game to same install base as those of recent Assassin’s Creed titles.

Titanfall 2, the EA published mech-shooter from Respawn Entertainment, however still was unable to reach the Top 10 although there was a substantial sales boost.