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NVIDIA Quadro Capable of Running Military Grade VR Demos

As the technology is progressing, we are witnessing more and more powerful GPUs in the market. One such powerful GPU is Nvidia Quadro P6000 which is capable of military grade virtual reality demos and that is not all of it.

If you think that early consumer-grade virtual reality games are great then you haven’t seen military grade virtual reality demos. These military-grade demos require quite a hefty system equipped with a top of the line GPU.

Fortunately, Nvidia Quadro P6000 is more than capable of running these military-grade virtual reality demos quite nicely.

While the concept of virtual reality emerged for consumer grade demos in recent years and came to fruition in 2016. Militaries around the world have been using virtual reality for decades to train soldiers.

Running these demos is not easy and that is why Nvidia has been releasing Quadro GPUs to showcase how powerful they are. Nvidia has also announced that at the upcoming I/ITSEC show taking place from 28th of November to 2nd December, the company will showcase four  Quadro P6000 powering four different VR experiences on four separate HTC Vives and Oculus Rifts.

Speaking of virtual reality, this year we saw the release the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. While there are a lot of games available for all of these headsets, it seems that PSVR is the winner in term of sales.

According to a recent survey, PlayStation VR sales on retail are going to outperform both other devices. But the company that conducted this survey noted that their projections might be wrong as they don’t track sales through official sites.

So what do you think of Nvidia Quadro P6000’s performance? Let us know in the comments.