Mass Effect Andromeda Was Built From The Scratch, Says Bioware

Recently, EA confirmed that all of its studios will be using the Frostbite Engine for their games. Different games require different assets and devs like Bioware tend to develop their own in-game assets from scratch for a smoother transition and that is the case with Mass Effect Andromeda.

Now, Bioware has confirmed that all the game’s tools and assets were developed from the scratch. BioWare’s Mac Walters told GameInformer that “BioWare built all systems, tools, and assets from scratch for Andromeda”.

Recently, Bioware revealed a ton of multiplayer details about the upcoming game. According to the devs, the biggest change to the multiplayer of Mass Effect Andromeda is how the abilities and powers work.

“Prestige XP” is another new addition to the multiplayer which the developer hopes will keep the player base intact. As players will play multiplayer they will earn XP and Prestige XP and each character type accumulates the Prestige XP differently.

There will also be some stuff in Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer that will tie in with the singleplayer campaign.

  • The mission funds you obtain in multiplayer have “tendrils going out into the rest of the game,” according to Frazier.
  • In the single-player demo we saw, there was an option on the pause menu to jump straight into multiplayer.
  • “You will have possibilities to send teams to complete kind of side missions, or to do it yourself in multiplayer,” Condominas says. “That’s the idea.”
  • The team doesn’t want solo players to feel like they are obligated to play multiplayer. “If you feel cheated, we’ve done something wrong,” Frazier says.

Mass Effect games are known for their compelling storytelling, characters, diversity in alien races but not all alien races will be featured in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action adventure RPG in development at Bioware and will launch in March 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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