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Square Enix Detailed Final Fantasy XV Day-One Patch, Brings Omen Trailer Inspired Actions And More

Just one day before Final Fantasy XV officially releases and Square Enix has detailed the day-one patch for the game.

Square Enix recently held an Active Time report event for the game where the developers detailed the day-one patch for Final Fantasy XV.

The update will bring two new actions to the game inspired by the Omen trailer for Final Fantasy XV. One action will allow Noctis to do a drop kick after he drops his dagger and the second action “where Noctis escapes the area by jumping after throwing magic at short-range has been added”. Check out the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XV day-one patch below.

Omen Trailer-Inspired Action Added to the Main Game

  • A new action where Noctis does a drop kick after throwing his dagger has been added.
  • An action where Noctis escapes the area by jumping after throwing magic at short-range has been added.

Wait Mode-Exclusive Ability Calls Added

  • The game tempo has been enhanced by increasing the speed of “Libra,” which lets you check the enemy’s information.
  • The Wait Gauge slowly decreases while in Wait Mode, but you can restore the gauge by defeating enemies.
  • If you attack an enemy who isn’t targeting you, a surprise attack may be triggered. Successful surprise attacks tend to result in the easy destruction of body parts.
  • If you attack an enemy with little HP, you may be able to deal even greater damage.

Red Light Makes it Easier to Understand Noctis’ HP Situation

  • When you only have a little bit of HP remaining, the corners of the screen will flash red.
  • The stronger the color of the red, the more critical the situation.

Enemy Whistle

  • A whistle that can summon monsters. If you blow it, there’s a big chance that the monsters of the surrounding area will show up.
  • You’ll get the Enemy Whistle when the story progresses to a certain point.

Improved Motions During MP Burst

  • Staggered movements during MP Bursts have been eliminated.
  • Attempting to Shift during an MP Burst will result in a failed motion.

Shifts Outside of Battle and the Music Player

  • Using Shift to move outside of battle is now possible.
  • A Music Player that lets you listen to music while walking has been added. The Music Player can be purchased at the shop.
  • The Music Player operates the same as the Regalia’s car radio. It should be noted that the basic battle music is played in battle.

Gallery Added

  • A gallery featuring all 103 of Ignis’ cuisines and all 100 types of fish has been added.
  • In the fish gallery, you can check the sizes of the fish, the amount of fish you caught, as well as where and at what time of day when you caught them.

Event Scenes from Kingsglaive and the Omen Trailer Added

  • Added scenes that could not be put on the main disc due to capacity issues.
  • For example, the Omen trailer has been put in the game as a nightmare seen by Noctis.

Other Features Improved

  • Bug fixes. (Most of the bugs that were seen in the Judgment Disc demo have been fixed.)
  • Improvements and regulations to make the game more enjoyable. (Camera adjustments for narrow locations, etc.)
  • Improvements to the main story. (Improvements to the beginnings of chapters, changes to the state of the town based on your progression of the story, more things can be examined, presentations have been added to convey the situation of the invading Niflheim Army, the atmosphere changes based on the state of the world.)
  • Side elements have been improved. (The previously detailed gallery has been added, etc.)
  • The battle against the Leviathan has been improved. (Reactions and damage presentation.)

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix and is scheduled to launch on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gematsu