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Removing the Timer from Dead Rising 4 Was the Correct Decision: Capcom

Dead Rising 4 will not have the timer, a long time Dead Rising feature. Fans have reacted differently to the situation as some are in favor and some would like to see it back. Developer Capcom has shared a comment to further explain its decision to remove the timer from Dead Rising 4.

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Speaking with Eurogamer,  Capcom Vancouver executive producer Bryce Cochrane said:

I think it’s really to do with the expanse of our world. We wanted a huge world you could really explore and find things in. With Dead Rising 3 and the rigid timer, it meant people missed so much of what was in that game. So we decided to go in a different direction, remove that, keep it in multiplayer, but really allow somebody to have a new experience in single-player, dive into the world and explore to their heart’s content – do what they want, have time to experiment, time to figure things out. It is a change of direction, but we really felt it was the right way to go.

Studio director Joe Nickolls added:

We didn’t want to limit people from finding the hidden stuff, the bonus content. Not everybody’s a completionist, but most people do want to feel like they’ve seen most of the stuff, and that’s one of the reasons we made the decision we did with the timing. It’s always been super-polarizing

Removing the timer from the game adds to its realism and improves the pacing of the game. Dead Rising 4 is releasing on Xbox One early next month. The game will remain exclusive to Xbox One for one year.