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Playdead’s Inside Demo Now Available On Steam For Free

The Inside demo, which allows gamers to try the latest offering from Playdead Studios, the makers of Limbo, is now available for free on Steam if you want to download it. The demo allows you to go through a short segment of the game and get a feel for the title, and see if you like it.

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Inside is much like Limbo in plot and game style: a young boy making their way through an extremely hostile environment in order to find something. However, while in Limbo the boy appeared to be searching for a young girl, the boy in Inside appears to be trying to make his way into a science facility (I’d go further, but spoilers.)

The Inside demo will likely take players through the initial section of the game, where the boy slides into a dark and sinister forest where he has to avoid being caught by mysterious men in trucks. The first level introduces a small number of simple puzzles that show off the game’s physics engine, so you can at least see what sorts of puzzles are in the game.

Inside originally debuted at E3 2014, but then dropped off the map somewhat until it released earlier this year. It first released on the Xbox One in late June, and then released soon after on Playstation 4 and PC.

The game received critical acclaim from critics and is thought of as a worthy successor to Limbo, so it’s no real surprise that Playdead has allowed the Inside demo to be put up on Steam just in case you’re skeptical about playing it. Currently, the actual Inside game is available on all three platforms for around 20 dollars on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and 15 dollars on Steam thanks to its Autumn Sale, so if you like the demo you can also pick up the actual game for a pretty cheap price.