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Hello Games Says No Man’s Sky Updates Coming In A Wave of Patches

The drought of responses from Hello Games in response to the huge outcry and backlash over No Man’s Sky has finally ended, as Hello Games and their leader Sean Murray have said that many No Man’s Sky updates are coming in the near future, starting with the “Foundation” patch.

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The reason behind the Foundation name (besides a likely reference to the science-fiction series called the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov) is for Hello Games to build on the bare-bones framework of the game that was released to the public back during the summer. The Foundation update will begin allowing players to build bases on various planets, allowing them to have stopping points in the galaxy.

However, considering the size of the No Man’s Sky galaxy, there will likely have to be some way that you can keep track of what planets you’ve built bases on, so that you can find them again after you’ve built them.

Hello Games has said that the sudden planned rush of No Man’s Sky updates is finally in response to the huge amount of fan debate following the game’s release, which nearly blacklisted Hello Games in the eyes of many, a situation that was not helped by the developer’s silence and a hacking of their Twitter account by someone that masqueraded as Sean Murray.

Whatever other No Man’s Sky updates are coming in the near future, players are hopefully going to be getting a lot more of the promised content that was supposed to be in the game from the start.

Hopefully, we’ll also get things like more alien races, more varied worlds, and a more active space component in the upcoming No Man’s Sky updates, and maybe by some miracle Hello Games will salvage its reputation so that No Man’s Sky will actually become something that people want to play.