Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Version Is Ready, Might Launch Soon

Ark Survival Evolved has quite an audience on PC and Xbox One and it seems that PlayStation 4 users will not have to wait long for them to enjoy Ark Survival Evolved.

Abstraction Studio who is handling the PlayStation 4 version of Ark Survival Evolved has just announced that their hard work has paid off and the PlayStation 4 build of the game is ready. When a fan asked them if they mean that the PS4 build has passed certification, to this the studio responded: “You got it”.

Since the PlayStation 4 version is ready some eager fans asked Abstraction Games that if the game will launch by December. According to the studio, the decision is not up to them. Also, December is not exactly a good time to release the game since a lot of big titles are launching next month.

Recently, Studio Wildcard released a new update for the Xbox One version of the game that brought CrossArk Transfers.

Studio Wildcard has implemented an open-borders policy through patch 747, meaning Xbox One players of Ark Survival Evolved will be able to freely transfer their creatures and items between servers.

With the update the developers have also totally turned down the aggressiveness of Turkeys, they are now only defensive and will attack if players riding other creatures attack them, also their stats have also been reduced.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game in development at Studio Wildcard. The game is currently in early access for PC, Xbox One and is expected to launch in December 2016. Also the game will soon be available for PlaySttaion 4 Pro too.

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