The Last Guardian New Screenshots Are Just Fantastic

Latest issue of magazine Famitsu contained The Last Guardian new screenshots, which are looking absolutely fantastic.

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These images showcase Trico and the boy protagonist of the game in different situations, giving a glimpse on an enemy.

Said The Last Guardian new screenshots are available here.

By the way, it seems Team ICO really aimed to make a masterpiece when they thought about the concept of this game.

The Last Guardian was developed to be a timeless game, something to be remembered by the fans.

Speaking with Gamespot, game designer Fumito Ueda talked about the features of this game. 

According to his words, it took almost 8 years for the team to develop The Last Guardian, but what players will see in the final product is the original vision for the game.

We tried to follow our original vision of the game, and it’s it that we now see in this completed version. Sure, over these years, a lot of things may have changed. But we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to create a timeless game, something that was going to last a very long time. I think Sony understood our reasons from the very beginning and how important it was for us. It really did matter for the Last Guardian that we’ve stayed true to our original vision and carried that out.

Are you curious to see the final version of Team ICO’s The Last Guardian? We are too.

The Last Guardian is scheduled to release on December 7, 2016 for PlayStation 4. It will also support PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced features.