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Minecraft Story Mode Steam Version Episode 1 Available For Free

The first episode of Telltale Games’ Minecraft Story Mode Steam version is now free on the platform, although for a limited time.

Earlier this year, Telltale made the first episode of Minecraft Story Mode available for free on Windows Store, however only for those using Windows 10.

Despite it making sense that Microsoft being the owner of Mojang, the developers behind the original Minecraft, would want a story based spin-off game on their platform to reach as many people as possible.

Many people however felt left out mainly due to countless issues with the Windows Store and preferring Steam in general as their main distribution platform on PC.

Well it seems like Telltale Games heard them and made sure that the first episode of the 8-episode Minecraft Story Mode Steam version would be available for free to everyone.

It should be noted that this is not a trial version or demo of the game so if someone manages to add the game to their Steam account during the limited time window, they will get to keep the episode until they decide to buy the rest of the series.

Minecraft Story Mode Steam version is also currently on sale for $12.5 due to Steam’s ongoing Autumn sale. Those who feel the first 5 episodes aren’t enough for them can choose to buy the Adventure Pass available for $11.24 which grants access to three additional episodes.

Telltale has not made any announcement as to when the limited time offer on Minecraft Story Mode Steam version will expire but even then it is a good idea to hurry up and play the game to see if it is worth buying or not and then take advantage of the sale.

As if Minecraft and Telltale were not reason enough to give the game a whirl, the “Mostly Positive” Steam reviews as well as an amazing voice cast including Ashley Johnson, Patton Oswalt and Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) should.