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Mass Effect: Andromeda Is The Largest Bioware Game Ever

Anyone who’s played BioWare games in the past knows how large their worlds are, and how long they are. However, it seems that Mass Effect: Andromeda will pass all of those, and be the largest BioWare game ever.

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The Mass Effect games were already fairly big, with players able to go through a large number of different levels, ranging from Noveria to Ferros to Omega to Illium and especially the Citadel, all of which were fairly large with a great number of people to speak to and things to do. If Mass Effect: Andromeda is even better in that regard, we may have a science-fiction version of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Considering that we’ll have what appears to be an entire new galaxy to explore with the Andromeda galaxy, the possibility of Andromeda being the largest Bioware game ever isn’t actually that far-fetched.

There’s a lot of various things that BioWare can do in order to make the game suitably large: considering that every planet we can visit is one that we can also land on and explore with the Nomad, hopefully we’ll be encountering interesting things on every planet to make the game a completionist’s dream (or nightmare).

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, there will likely be a large number of NPCs to talk to, planets to explore, quests to undertake, enemies to fight, and a new culture to explore for every player to experience.

Hopefully since Dragon Age: Inquisition and the “Get out of the Hinterlands” meme, BioWare has actually made the largest BioWare game ever that also actually has more content than just a variety of fetch quests and collection sidequests as part of each area. Either way, we’ll have to see until the game actually releases to see how big it actually is.