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Rumor Says There Will Be 10 Game Awards Premieres On December 1

The Game Awards are coming up fast as December 1 comes closer and closer, and a new, intriguing rumor has started to pop up as the day approaches. Apparently, according to the rumor, there will be at least 10 Game Awards premieres at the ceremony, showing off 10 different game announcements during it.

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Whatever the games that are coming with the awards might be, they’ll hopefully be either games that are highly anticipated, or some more information about various other games. Whether it’s a world premiere trailer about the rumored Assassin’s Creed: Empire, gameplay from Red Dead Redemption 2, or anything else that people might be eagerly anticipating, hopefully all ten of those Game Awards premieres will be hits.

The Game Awards, as one of the bigger events in video gaming, serves as a good opportunity for a bunch of developers to get their games out to the public and show off new footage. For instance, Bioware announced that they will finally be showing examples of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay at the ceremony, which will likely make up one of the premieres coming to the show.

However, that still leaves nine, possibly eight other games remaining in the other slots that will allegedly be coming to the Game Awards. So, what other games might end up showing up that haven’t been anywhere before?

It could be something like a new Wolfenstein game (which BJ Blazkowicz’s voice actor has hinted at after Bethesda’s E3 conference), a possible example of Prey gameplay, and others.

Either way, whatever the Game Awards premieres will be composed of, gamers will just have to wait and see until December 1 to see if the rumor is true and the Game Awards will indeed have a number of different world premieres for games on them. The Game Awards will be starting at 5:30 Pacific Standard Time that day.