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The Game Awards 2016 to be Localised in China

The Game Awards 2016 are only a few weeks away and Geoff Keighley is busy preparing for the event. He, along with the organizers of the event, also look to expand the show every year.

The Game Awards 2016 is going to be the biggest show yet in terms of its audience. The show already uses different media platforms to stream the event live but for the first time ever, Chinese multimedia giant Tencent is going to stream a localized version of the show. The show now has access to millions of gamers in China.

Tencent will use different platforms such as instant messaging QQ and WeChat services to stream the event. Both services have 1.5 billion active users. The gaming industry has always found in hard to address gamers in the region directly but The partnership between Tencent and show creator Geoff Keighley has provided a creator way for publishers to do achieve this.

According to Geoff Keighley:

From everything I’ve read China is already the biggest gaming market in the world. Western games and consoles have only just started being released there, but the PC and mobile space is massive

I’m honestly not sure of the audience makeup.We know PC gaming is big over there, as is eSports. A lot of the show sponsors have told us that China is a massive emerging market for them. We’re letting Tencent guide us over there, and they have a significant amount of editorial games coverage on the Tencent News site and, their portal.

I imagine there’s a curiosity around the show and the types of games we will showcase.

The show will be translated live and fans will be able to vote.

Source: Polygon