Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Have Space Travel Thanks To Current Gen Consoles’ Power, Says Series Creator

Fans of the original Beyond Good And Evil have waited years for Beyond Good And Evil 2 and soon they will be able to play it. Now series creator Michel Ancel has revealed new details about the game.

Speaking with Kotaku, Michel Ancel stated that the development on Beyond Good And Evil 2 shifted into full production recently as the technology to feature interplanetary travel in the game is now available.

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He further added that Beyond Good And Evil was supposed to have space travel but the technology was limited but now consoles ar powerful and it can be achieved easily.

Even on Beyond Good and Evil 1 it was supposed to have space travel and all these things but we were limited. The big thing that is really cool is that the consoles are now so powerful. The amount of memory the CPU has, you can do those things now. It’s not ‘Oh, we will never do it.’ It’s working.

He further added that it is difficult to explain how hard it is to make a game. Games are not just about the pixels anymore there is a lot of stuff that needs to taken into consideration.

It’s crazy and difficult to explain to people how technical making a game is. Now it’s not anymore about polygons and things like that, it’s about millions of behavioral AIs, systems, and giant spaceships crashing on big planets

However, it seems that we will have to wait quite a bit to actually see the game, as Ancel himself has stated that the team needs to have something concrete before he can say anything.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is currently in development at Ubisoft and no release date or platforms have been confirmed.