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Overwatch Holiday Event Hinted At Via Leaked Sound Files

A number of leaked sound files have hinted at another Overwatch holiday event, likely focusing around Christmas. This holiday event will likely be similar to the Olympics and Halloween events that came out earlier this year, which gave new arenas, new minigames, and new costumes for various heroes to use.

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Whatever will be in the Overwatch holiday event (if it’s coming) will likely be more of the same: We can likely expect something related to Santa Claus (whether we’ll get something similar to the Junkenstein’s Revenge mode that came out with Halloween remains to be seen) but we could probably already come up with various costumes that the characters would likely wear.

A number of other new vocal lines between Sombra and a number of other characters, along with new lines between pre-existing characters in the game, have also been uncovered, such as Tracer calling Sombra out for using a translocator (the same kind of device that allows Tracer to teleport and travel through time). We also get a few references to Sombra’s introductory short, as Reaper growls at her to try and stick to the plan this time.

However, according to the Reddit thread that’s following these leaked sound files and who first uncovered the Overwatch holiday event, there’s still a long ways to go. There’s still over 150 different sound files to uncover, and while they may present a clearer picture as they become revealed, we still won’t have official confirmation from Blizzard until they’re ready to reveal it.

In the meantime, players can get familiar with Sombra in time for the Overwatch holiday event and grab skins and other stuff for her. If Blizzard does announce an Overwatch Christmas event, players can hopefully expect a similar level of quality to the Halloween event, along with a variety of creative new costumes.